OWS endeavors to bring its experienced and value-driven perspective to investing that spans a variety of investment strategies encompassing four primary categories:
  • Fundamental Credit. Long-short core credit positions, high-conviction fundamental themes, and special situations with active management of market risk.
  • Relative value investments. Long and short positions, including synthetic and derivative index investments, managed with the aims of reducing net market exposures and benefiting from temporary market imbalances.
  • Event-driven investments. More complex areas of the credit market in which we believe we can generate excess returns through overlooked or misunderstood sectors, identification of structural nuances, event-driven situations, or the introduction of new products or other circumstances that result in the fundamental mispricing of assets.
  • Loan Opportunities. Long positions in residential whole loans, consumer credit, and commercial real estate loans.

OWS believes that the scale and latitude of its investment mandate provide a compelling long-term allocation strategy.  We further believe that our deep sector insight, combined with a dedication to risk management and capital preservation, positions OWS to realize value across market cycles.

OWS manages commingled and custom strategies, blending appropriate combinations of these categories. Overall, we seek to establish dynamic investment themes across sectors, structures, credit sensitivity levels, and short- to long-term investment horizons.